💥TTN Member Spotlight💥

Mentorship Student Greg M. from Philadelphia:

An incredible excerpt from a Mentorship session where a student discusses the impact that our 4-Week Trader Intensive Program has had on his life.

A 4-Week Mentorship Student Discusses How Our Mentorship Program is "Bigger Than Trading" and strengthens all aspects of his life.

A 4-Week Mentorship Student discusses the positive impact our program has had on his trading and mindset by focusing on Trading Psychology.

A 10-Week Mentorship Student becoming self aware in her trading. She has removed emotion and is realizing her mistakes with an analytical mind to learn from them.

A 10-Week Mentorship Student shows off his 100% Profitability Trading Day using strategies from our program.

Discord Member using TTN Indicators/Strategies to secure a ~$1000 Trade in a matter of minutes.

Halfway through a 10-Week Mentorship Program, this student is already showing significant consistency and discipline in his trading. In this clip, he shows his performance with consecutive multi-thousand dollar weeks since beginning our 10-Week program

Mentorship Feedback via my "Liquidity Lines" Technique which nearly instantly improved this trader's performance.

💥TTN Member Spotlight💥

(See Screenshots Below:)

*TTN Community Member turned TTN Pro* Arnaud (aka ApriOri on Discord) from France, shows off an INCREDIBLE $20,000 Day on a run from $2,000 to over $200,000 in under 1 month!

(Yes, this TTN student took a $2,000 Account to over $200,000 in a month's time trading NQ and FDAX! Now, these by no means are typical results - But this is an example of what can happen if you truly put the work in to understand the craft and hone in on your technical edge!)


TTN Community Member Rebecca T. gives thanks to TTN with some kind words and a breakdown of how she passed an evaluation at a 91% Profitability Percentage. She now has a $50,000 Funded Account with a Proprietary Trading Firm.

TTN Mentorship Student and Community Member "AlexSwitch" shows off his paperwork after passing an Options Trading Evaluation with Maverick Trading.

TTN Mentorship Student and Community Member "AlexSwitch" shows off his LEVEL UP after successfully moving onto the next stage of capital in his Funded Trader Account

TTN Community Member Ed B. showing off tremendous results after a great day trading the NQ.

TTN Mentorship Student and newly Funded Trader Niko from Germany shows off his Certificate from Earn2Trade

TTN Community Member "BuddahJones" shares some kind words and excitement with the community, as he passes an evaluation for a $150,000 Funded Account with a Proprietary Trading Firm.

"Zach and the TTN team have been an incredible resource from the second I began my trading career. These guys are exceptionally knowledgable. The Trading Network Methodology takes information that's normally difficult to grasp; and instead makes it simple, understandable and easy to apply directly to the markets."

Chris from Loveland, Colorado

"The immense amount of knowledge that can be absorbed purely from "being a fly on the wall" around professional traders in a group like The Trading Network; is truly invaluable. After learning the Fundamentals of Futures Trading from Zach and his team, I was able to get funded with a Proprietary Trading Firm and now am a six-figure trader thanks to the guys at The Trading Network"

JP from Miami, FL

"First 4 digit day ever. I'd like to thank my parents, my mentors Zach and Jake, my agent, and my girlfriend for not hating me too much while I play with Buy and Sell Buttons. Thank you all!"

Arnaud from Bordeaux France

"Going through the mentorship has drastically improved my consistency and being able to surround myself with pro traders and be able to watch them trade live in real time has been a tremendous part of my learning. If you are looking for a cookie cut signal service this isn't for you. If you are looking for someone to show you how the game is really played then it will be the best way to learn. You will need to put in the work but you will have the proper guidance."

Roc from Toronto, CA

"Zach and his team have been absolute game changers in my struggle to learn to trade consistently. I signed up for a 4-Week Mentorship and Zach was extremely patient, thorough; and cordial. He took me from a position where I really had no strategy or direction; and gave me a clear list of steps to follow and repeat which led to me actually finding consistency"

Virginia from Casper, Wyoming

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